Not all divorces are the same.


Successful mediation needs expert guidance.

Collaborative Divorce

Reach a settlement through the collaborative process

Divorce Options

Family disputes are personal, and often sad and stressful. Even more stressful, when those disputes result in litigation, they are subject to a system of time standards, procedural rules and evidentiary requirements which may be overwhelming and confusing to you. But there are alternatives to litigation which allow you to proceed at your own pace, in a safe and confidential setting and with dignity and respect. On the following tabs, I will discuss three of those options and how they differ from litigation.


You and your spouse discuss the terms for settlement.


A neutral third party helps you and your spouse discuss terms for settlement and explore ways around impasse.

Collaborative Divorce

A team of lawyers and other professionals help you and your spouse discuss and negotiate terms of settlement.

What Clients Say...

“Attorney Marks was always very professional, personable and compassionate. he handled all aspects of my case competently and quickly. All phone calls were returned promptly and he answered all of our questions.”

Virtual Mediation and Collaborative Process

March 31, 2020

I hope you are managing well during this trying period. Social distancing creates new stressors that impact every member of every family and household – isolation, child-care responsibilities, lay-offs, medical issues, anxiety and fear, etc. Of course, for those households and families that were already suffering from conflict and division before the arrival of Covid-19, the impacts may be aggravated.

Through tele-conferencing and video-conferencing, mediation and collaborative process are dispute resolution methods that you and your spouse/partner can use to address the conflicts that you are experiencing now, such as changes to the parenting schedule, child exchange or finances. And, if you were already contemplating or in the midst of divorce, though video and tele-conferencing, mediation and collaborative process can be used now to begin or continue settlement negotiations while the courts are essentially and temporarily closed (except as to emergency and agreed-upon matters).

If you would like more information about these virtual options, please call or send me an email. I am checking the phone messages and emails daily.

Stay healthy.



new alimony calculations based on length of marriage

The Durational Limits of General Term Alimony

In 2011, the Alimony Reform Act was passed to put an end to indefinite awards of alimony. Under the Act, the duration of alimony awards is generally limited to a period of months measured as a percentage of the number of years of the marriage.

So, the updated calculations are:

For a Marriage of 5 years or less:
50% of the number of months of the marriage

Marriages over 5 years and up to 10 years:
60% of the number of months of the marriage Read More