Collaborative Divorce
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           Family disputes are personal, sad and stressful.  The Courts operate upon a system of time standards, procedural rules and evidentiary requirements which may seem overwhelming and confusing to you.  That’s where I, and our team, can help. 

           I have been representing people like you - husbands, wives, former spouses, mothers, fathers and grandparents - in divorce, paternity, custody and support actions - for over twenty-five years.  My job, as your attorney is to act as your guide, explaining the rules and helping you to gather the information that you will need to evaluate your options and make informed decisions. If it becomes necessary to go to trial, I will zealously represent you before the Judge. 

           While most contested cases end with a settlement, we must still be ready for trial in case yours is one of the few that does not settle and must go before a Judge. Therefore, we must prepare the case for hearing while attempting to settle it.  (See how this differs from a Collaborative Divorce, where you and your spouse agree to expend your efforts on settlement only.)

          We will work as a team.  If necessary, we may enlist other professionals, such as an accountant, appraiser, or child expert.  We can also use the services of a divorce coach to help you to deal with the emotional obstacles to divorce.  You are not alone.